Digital design services

In the last 10 years I have specialized in:

I. Brand consultancy, naming and logo design
II. UI/UX and web layout design
III. Icon design*

For further design works,
please check my dribbble portfolio...


If you're interested in my services,
please feel free to contact me for availability and free quote.

contact [*]

*vector, medium complexity


During the last 8 years I have worked
on a wide range of projects as a freelancer
and in partnership with design agencies.

I have had clients & partners
from England, USA, Germany,
Holland, Sweden, Norway,
Hungary & Romania.

Some of my logo design works
were published
in LogoLounge books.

Example Nr.1 | Example Nr.2

Any collaboration proposal
is welcome. To meet your needs,
I might even relocate...

Thank you!

About OneManZoo

OneManZoo is the digital design division of Respiro Media Ltd.

The OneManZoo name comes from “one man show”, as OneManZoo is the
digital design studio of one designer, Zoltan Sebestyen.

Zoltan Sebestyen

Digital designer & creative director,
the only inhabitant of OneManZoo

The OneManZoo logo

To illustrate the ideas behind it,
here you have the “anatomy” of the OneManZoo logo icon...

OneManZoo logo icon anatomy